Sauces Piquantes

Case Study: Sauces Piquantes

Bringing Artisan Foods to the B2B Market

sauce piquante logo 700x500In 2004, Sauces Piquantes launched in a Quebec City convenience store, selling artisan hot sauces, snacks, and condiments to consumers.  

The brand is a proud importer and ambassador for Quebec food artisans. After launching their online consumer storefront, the company shifted their core focus to B2B food distribution.

By working with k-ecommerce, Sauces Piquantes was able to seamlessly transition to B2B ecommerce and continue serving more than 500 points of sale across Quebec and Canada.


Sauces Piquantes already had a B2C ecommerce solution in Magento, but trying to build a successful B2B online store using their existing provider would require a complex setup of third-party plugins.

Instead, they needed an ecommerce solution that: 

  • Included B2B features such as customized pricing and customer rules
  • Offered a native-integration to Acomba
  • Streamlined accounting, online sales, and customer support


k-ecommerce helped Sauces Piquantes navigate the shift to B2B sales and:

  • Launch an online B2B storefront within one month
  • Enabled the sales team to process more orders
  • Gave them the ability to easily send account statements
  • Make a better first impression during B2B sales
  • Update online pricing and inventory information in real-time
  • Eliminate manual data entry issues with bi-directional data integration
  • Let customers easily place orders at any time



Launched a pleasant B2B ecommerce experience

k-ecommerce’s native integration with Acomba means that Sauces Piquantes can automatically update their B2B ecommerce store with up-to-date pricing and availability. Customers can place orders at any time, and it’s easy for the sales team to access and share account statements.


Improved efficiency and processing capacity

Before k-ecommerce, Sauces Piquantes had to manually enter orders into a second system and deal with a higher risk of data entry errors. Using an ERP-integrated ecommerce solution lets the sales team process more orders without the added expense of third-party integrators.


Streamlined sales and accounting processes

According to Samuel, “Since integrating Acomba and k-ecommerce, operations are much better and we can process more orders.”



sauce piquante logo 700x500

« We can process more orders. We also make a better impression when meeting clients with an up-to-date inventory and a self-service option. »

Samuel Leclerc  /  Co-owner, Sauces Piquantes

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